Listen to Long Dark Road preview

The Road Home is not only a debut album, but a musical journal taking listeners on a journey through the life of lead singer and songwriter Konstantin Alexander. The album received its name from the title track, in addition to encapsulating the essence of this collection. “Song for Sisters” documents Konstantin’s childhood and “Promise Land” takes us through a very dark time in his life as he wrestles with thoughts of suicide which is fortunately met with hope. “Still Alive” takes us through his mind as he finds positivity while struggling with anxiety. “Long Dark Road” brings us through his toxic relationship and finding his way back to himself and to those who love him. During “Emotions” we get to experience the day he meets the love of his life and we are able to journey with both Krista and Konstantin all the way to their destination in “The Road Home”. A location Konstantin describes as a place of love, growth, gratitude, acceptance, friendship and of course the place where his beautiful family resides, Home.

The lead single, “Long Dark Road” began with an idea started by Konstantin’s long time childhood friend (since kindergarten) and co-writer, Ryan Joseph McKendall. During their year and a half process of recording this album “Emotions”, “Still Alive” & “The Road Home” were developed and written both by Konstantin and his production partner, Alexander James Rielgelman. “Song for Sisters” and “Promise Land” (written 21 years ago) were very heartfelt and intimate songs that Konstantin wrote alone during times of deep reflection.

Album: The Road Home is available now and in the meantime Konstantin and his team are currently pressing 7” vinyl for the single “Long Dark Road”. The B-side to this vinyl will include an exclusive acoustic version of “Long Dark Road.” Take a listen not only for the single but for the album “The Road Home” which is available now.

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